Why are recordings limited to 5 minutes?

Due to the nature of the live stream recording, fast upload bandwidth speeds are required in order to provide a smooth and efficient service.

If you are currently getting an ISP speed of over 20mbps then it is likely that you will have a great experience of Mindlogr. Any lower and you might start to experience delays and time lags.

The reason for the slow speed is because in most countries, the upload speed is typically one tenth the speed of download. You can visit www.speedtest.net to discover what your true upload and download bandwidth speeds are.

Because of this fact of telecoms infrastructure, we need to make decisions which balance out the experience of Mindlogr with the time it takes an average user to upload a file.

That's why to ensure an efficient service, we allow free members to record up to 5 minutes and premium members to record up to 15 minutes.

We feel that this makes it fair for people who want more from Mindlogr.

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